We have a feature for those times when you are not in the area and we can't get out with one of our special 360o cameras.

We have an Exclusive system that allows us to use photos that you shoot. We support photos taken with almost any kind of camera and lens. Optimum results are achieved with popular lenses including wide angle lenses, fisheye lenses, one shot lenses or 6 cube faces made with CAD but even photos taken with point and shoot cameras or mobile phones are supported.

If you don’t have a wide angle lens, we can still create a great panorama by stitching a larger number of images. Don’t miss the panorama just because you only have a point and shoot camera or a cell phone. Our unique stitching system allows us to even stitch photos that have been taken "zig-zag" with your phone.

Our system also has some other exclusive features and frankly are the reasons other systems don't work. When shooting panoramas, sometimes it’s inevitable to capture moving cars, people, clouds, etc. Those moving objects could then appear in two different photos when stitched. Our algorithms detect this movement and compensate it to avoid "ghosting".
Our system also compensates when individual photos show a lot of difference in color. Thanks to our smart algorithm, the levels of exposure, color and brightness between pictures will be automatically adjusted and merged while stitching. This gives us a great, homogenous panorama.

We then convert the set of pictures into beautiful panoramas. The choice of professionals and enthusiasts alike, our system is not only a cut above, it produces some exceptional results. We can even do full or partial, cubic, spherical and small-planet panoramas and with a little work and communication, you will have a tour at a fraction of the cost of other systems out there.

We Work Together

We give you all the instructions on how to take the shots we need, step by step, on a special website currently being developed.

It will take some joint communication and coordination but this process will open up the 360o tour capabilities to you without you needing to run out and purchase expensive cameras and software.

Soon we will even have an option where we Ship a special 360o camera to you (for a rental fee, shipping and insurance) to shoot your 360o shots.